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Dog Training & Behaviour
*At Drumagore Dog Training we integrate Positive reward-based solutions with real-life training that works..
*With over 20 years experience training dogs for diverse tasks such as obedience, gundogs and assistance dogs; we are well placed to help YOU with your dog..
*Qualified in Canine Behaviour, we deal with all behaviour problems providing effective solutions that last..
*Robert is recognised as a Master Dog Trainer by the Guild of Dog Trainers..
*We are proud to uphold the high standards of the Pet Professional Guild. .
Puppy Socialisation

The best money you will ever spend! Suitable for puppies up to 18 weeks.

Our Philosophy

At Drumagore Dog Training & Behaviour, we know every dog deserves to feel good. This is why we are committed to positive, force-free training and behaviour modification.

Group Classes
Kennel Club Good Citizen Award

We are affiliated with the Kennel Club to deliver the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme. Through this we offer classes individually tailored for puppies and adult dogs. For adult dogs, we have classes to suit all abilities,
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Suitable for puppies up to 18 weeks, our Puppy Socialisation Class is the most important class your dog will ever attend. This class equips your dog with the life skills to grow into a happy, confident dog.
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1 - 2 - 1

Tailor made training for you and your dog. We can cover the basics, or something more advanced. Maybe you need help with a particular problem such as pulling on the lead, or a dog that won’t come back when called.
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Behaviour problems are very common. Many owners will try anything to stop the unwanted behaviour. You will quickly find that there is a mountain of confusing and conflicting advice, much of which may actively ...
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For training that is fun for owners and produces happy dogs. Drumagore Dog Training and Behaviour - where results speak for themselves!

Kennel Club Accredited
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